About Us


Beijing North Institute of Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (BNIBT) upholds the mission of "Focusing on in vitro diagnosis, serving human health", and strives to be a top-ranking comprehensive provider in vitro diagnostic products and services.

BNIBT was established on 1985 and affiliated with China Isotope & Radiation Corporation Co., Ltd. (China Tong fu, 1763.HK),which is the holding subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation.

BNIBT has engaged in researching, producing, selling and service of vitro diagnostic kits. The production platforms cover RIA, CLIA, EIA, TRFIA, POCT and biological raw materials. BNIBT has more than 150 product registration certificates, forming a nationwide marketing network. Products are exported to more than 10 countries, such as Asia, Africa and Europe. It can also provide comprehensive product solutions and overall services in the vitro diagnostic field .

BNIBT adheres to the concepts of "customer-centered, employee-based, win-win cooperation" , “independent research by ourselves, continuously introduce new products, “improvement of quality , service standards and capabilities ” and strives to build brands of enterprises and products.

北方所创立于1985年,隶属于中国核工业集团有限公司旗下的中国同辐股份有限公司(中国同辐,1763.HK),专注于体外诊断试剂产品的研发、生产、经营及服务,产品涵盖放射免疫、化学发光、酶联免疫、时间分辨、胶体金和生物原材料等技术平台,拥有150多项产品注册证书,形成了覆盖全国的营销网络,产品出口至亚非欧等10余个国家或地区,能够为体外诊断领域提供全面的产品解决方案和整体服务 北方所创立于1985年,隶属于中国核工业集团有限公司旗下的中国同辐股份有限公司(中国同辐,1763.HK),专注于体外诊断试剂产品的研发、生产、经营及服务,产品涵盖放射免疫、化学发光、酶联免疫、时间分辨、胶体金和生物原材料等技术平台,拥有150多项产品注册证书,形成了覆盖全国的营销网络,产品出口至亚非欧等10余个国家或地区,能够为体外诊断领域提供全面的产品解决方案和整体服务